Our Founder and President:  Joanne Ranucci 
Joanne Ranucci was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island. After over forty years of alcohol and drug addiction, she was delivered by a miracle of God’s grace. She  volunteers often at Aspire, the rehab facility where her life was rescued. She started this ministry to help the needs of the others suffering from the same homelessness and substance abuse she once suffered from. She feeds a small homeless community in the woods where she lived for over fifteen years. These before and after pictures of her show just how far her life has changed.



Vice President :  Jessica Whetstone

My name is Jessica I’m 36 years old, a mother of three beautiful children. For many years of my life I struggled with addiction. For over 6 years I was addicted to prescription pain pills which then led to heroin addiction. Many people in my family were also addicted to drugs as it was a generational curse that was running rapid in my family. four  years ago I came to a point in  my life where I lost everything my home, my children and myself . I ended up homeless on the streets worse than I’d ever been hopeless broken and lost. In the midst of the worst time of my life I had another overdose and in the midst of that I had an encounter with God and then soon realized that he was real and that he loved me and that he had a different plan for my life. I went into a Christian recovery home for 10 months where the Lord delivered me and set me free and begin to transform me. After I completed the program I then got a job then an apartment and then received my children back into my life a couple months later all because of the restoration of God. He showed up time and time again. I was shown my worth and my identity in him. Now I’m a Mighty woman of God that is part of and amazing ministry, Angel Blessings Homeless Ministry, I’m the mother God created me to be,  I’ve been blessed to be the Assistant property manager at my apartment complex. More then anything, I’m healed, I’m new, I’m restored, delivered made whole. I’m a child of God . Fearfully and wonderfully made. A new creation in Christ

Jessica Whetstone credits God and  prayer with helping her barely survive an addiction to fentanyl.

Jessica’s Before and After pictures

Recently Jessica gave an interview to Spectrum News 
you can view that interview at the link below.
Jessica’s Spectrum interview