Angel Blessings Homeless Ministry Inc.

Feeding the Homeless

Our History:
I give all Glory to God!
I formed this ministry because God put this calling into my heart; After being homeless for 15 years myself, an Alcoholic and drug addict since the age of 13 years old.
In 2001, my ex-husband and my best friend died while I was in jail, In the same week my children were kidnapped by neighbors for my ex-husband’s Social Security checks. I totally gave up on life and myself. I met some other homeless people who took me in and gave me a tent, They became my family. For the next 15 years I watched them all die. Some where murdered, some overdosed, some hit by cars, some by health issues they just all seemed to die. I would write poems to God while I lived in the woods continuing with my addiction.
The Hope team with Roxanne and Nancy convinced me to go to rehab, When I did Karilyn put a bible in my hand and I read it from cover to cover and continued to read the bible until the Holy Ghost came alive in me and took his place in me. Nothing but God could have turned my life around.
I wrote a book called “New” New Thoughts, New Heart, New Life.
After the book was published, God spoke to me again. God said to me, “Now go back to where you were and do the same for them as I did for you”. Chills went down my spine, I had my marching orders from God. I told my friend David and Karilyn and we started going to the camps (As shown in the videos on our videos page ) to help out the homeless. More people were getting involved and after 9 months, I realized just feeding the homeless and giving out supplies wasn’t enough.
The homeless needed a permanent solution like I had; They needed help getting into Detox, Rehab, Jobs and Permanent Housing.
My book tells my life story and my before and after pictures, along with some others and shows what God spoke to me is now coming full circle.

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Our founder was interviewed recently by the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce
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Interview with East Orlando Chamber of Commerce


Our founder was also featured on the 700 Club!
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Our ministry’s founder is also a published author of the book titled

New!: New Thoughts, New Heart, New Life

Author, JoAnne Ranucci, personally suffered the destructive effects of over forty years of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Fifteen of those years she was homeless. Then she saw her thoughts, heart, and life miraculously transformed through an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and careful study of God’s Word. Join JoAnne as she leads new Christians step-by-step through practical processes of developing their walk with God. Using Scripture as a guide, she tackles topics such as:¬†

  • Building a strong foundation
  • Developing right priorities
  • Walking with the Holy Spirit
  • Forgiving others
  • Learning to be a testimony of God’s love

After applying these truths to your life, you might be heard commenting, “I feel¬†NEW!”

Purchase her book now for $14.99 including Shipping and Handling.



Taking a BOLD STAND AGAINST HOMELESSNESS AND ADDICTION and those pictures are living proof of what God can do